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Caci Futur Tec

The Futur-Tec system was developed over a period of 12 years. Research and study in the field of aesthetics and natural cosmetology created the Futur-Tec as a unique treatment tool. The treatments are guaranteed to be effective by using new state of the art technology. Laser, micro-current, ultrasound and vacuum are performed in unison to create an innovation treatment. Futur-Tec utilises four unique applicators;

1. The Laserstim Acuator

2. The Ultrasonic Elastic Wave Acuator

3. The Microlase Wrinkle Comb

4. The Vaculase Acuator

in conjunction with specific product containing powerful active ingredients eg. essential oil of rose to sooth and re-hydrate, vitamin C to aid collagen synthesis, cucumber to cool and calm the skin, makes this treatment truly unique.